Pack TAO EMS 24 volt

€ 1 640,00 HT

One EMS, one EMS Extension, LED panel, shunt, monitor and the connection cables.

Product order for delivery
current 2nd quarter 2024




Made in France


The kit includes the EMS, one EMS Extension, LED panel, shunt, monitor and all the connection cables

  • TAO EMS is the base system to protect and manage a 12 volt battery (four lithium cells)
    It comes fully assembled and configured for a standard installation.  It just needs to be connected to the cells.
    includes :
    • main unit in a 160 x 114 x 46 cm enclosure with:
      • battery wire harness (four cell connectors, a fuse for each cell connection, and a ground)
      • six relay outputs
      • one connector for the remote indicator panel
      • one connector for a current measuring shunt
      • one connector for the computer or the TAO Monitor option
    • remote LED panel (with 10 metres cable)
    • USB cable to connect a PC
    • PC application EMSconfig to configure the EMS, monitor cell status and run diagnostics (Windows or Mac) can be downloaded from the website
  • EMS Extension to connect the EMS to a 24 volt battery
  • TAO Shunt is the shunt resistor to measure current in and out of the battery:
    • current range: +/- 250 Amps OR +/- 500 Amps
    • current measure gain: 25 to 200 automatically adjusted by the EMS
    • smallest current detected: 1 mA
    • supplied with a 1.5 meter cable to connect to the EMS
  • TAO  Monitor is a 3.5″ touchscreen (with 10 metres extension cable):
    • integrated uninterruptible power supply (backup battery notincluded)
    • battery and cells measures
    • records lifetime history of all measures
    • records lifetime history of all events
    • WiFi to connect with other devices (phone, computer, tablet) – no App to download
    • Internet connection via WiFi
    • remote Cloud access
    • CANbus connectivity

Due to shipping restrictions the Li-ion backup battery is not included
You need to buy the rechargeable battery locally:

Li-ion battery type 18650 – 3.7 volt – capacity 3000 mAh

Operating the Monitor without the battery can corrupt the Monitor memory and voids the warranty

TAO EMS features

Monitors and protects batteries, keeping them in a safe, customizable operating environment.

Fast balancing even on large batteries, thanks to its unique ability to balance with 4A current.

The only equipment to provide global control of all chargers for perfect control of lithium battery charging.

A set of sensors and algorithms for measuring and calculating the key indicators needed to control the system.

A fault simulation solution to check that the system responds correctly in the event of an anomaly.

Customizable definition of a set of alarms and automated actions based on criteria to be observed and activation triggers.

Records system operating data for long-term trend analysis and fault diagnosis.

Remote alerts, settings and system control from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Natively integrates a set of standards and protocols (SAE J1939, NMEA2000, RV-c, …) to communicate with a wide range of equipment, and enables the creation of customized CAN messages.

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