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Electrical Systems

TAO EMS (Energy Management System) in Brief:

Optimization and Safety

TAO EMS is a unique system for controlling and protecting electrical installations fitted with lithium batteries.

TAO EMS coordinates the operation of all the equipment in your installation in order to maximize energy autonomy and boost battery life.

Easy to install and set up. TAO EMS complies with the highest safety standards. You always have complete knowledge of the status of your installation.

Initially developed for the maritime sector, TAO EMS is also perfectly suited for use with recreational vehicles (RV) and in homes.

And as an added bonus, the TAO EMS is a Made in France product!


Supervises - Coordinates - Protects

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TAO EMS – A unique and innovative energy management system for optimizing electrical installations powered by lithium batteries. 

Controlling your system

Set Sail with Complete Peace of Mind

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Provides complete information on your system's condition and controls its operation


Built-in, customizable malfunction warnings


Maintains your equipment within its optimum operating range


Manages load and consumption to maximize energy autonomy

PEAce of mind

Optimizes and protects


TAO EMS: Keep full control over your installation

TAO EMS features

Monitors and protects your batteries, keeping them within a safe, customizable operating environment.

Fast balancing even with large batteries, thanks to TAO EMS’s unique ability to balance with 4A current.

The only equipment that manages all chargers for perfect control of lithium battery charging.

Sensors and algorithms measure and calculate the key indicators needed to control your system.

The fault simulator ensures that the system will respond correctly in the event of malfunction

Allows for user-defined alarms and automated actions based on criteria to be observed and activation triggers.

Records system operating data for long-term trend analysis and fault diagnosis.

Manage remote alerts, settings, and system control from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Natively integrates standards and protocols (including SAE J1939, NMEA2000, and RV-c) to communicate with a wide range of equipment and to create customized CAN messages.

Product Advantages

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Doubles battery life

Increases the life of your batteries by keeping them within optimal operating conditions

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Increases energy autonomy

Supervises charging and consumption cycles to optimize energy autonomy while adapting to the user’s electrical power needs.

The system

The system

12V installation

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  • One master unit to supervise the first 12V pack.

  • Cell connection protected by external fuses.

  • Touch-screen monitor for system supervision and parameter setting.

  • LED panel for displaying remote alarms.

  • Shunt resistor for monitoring charging or consumption current.

24V installation

extension-24v ems
  • Addition of an extension box for additional 12V supervision.

  • Cell connections remain protected by external fuses.

48V installation

extension tao
  • Up to three extensions in series to supervise 48V batteries.

  • Supervision, protection and balancing of the complete battery pack.

Fields of application

Designed by an experienced sailor, TAO EMS is ideally suited for navigation.
TAO EMS is compatible with all types of stand-alone installations and is simple to install in recreational vehicles.
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Designed by an experienced sailor, the TAO EMS is ideally suited to the needs of navigation.


Designed for all types of stand-alone installation, the TAO EMS is easy to install on recreational vehicles.

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