Firmware for the TAO EMS master unit – refer to the user manual for the firmware update procedure.


29/10/2023 – v1.36: fix bug “missing events in event log” – clear events flags as soon as they have been read and do not reset triggers / output state when parameters are saved to EEPROM                                                                                                                                                                  WARNING: Monitor firmware needs to be updated to V 2.02.13 


04/08/2023 – v1.35: force read of parameters before changing some of them and saving (bug: cycle counter was changing without explanaition)


17/07/2023 – v1.34: corrected rare and random bug that prevented CANbus to re-enable the charge after the Charge Cycle Management feature reached the low SOC.  Monitor firmware has to be updated to 2.02.11


30/10/2022 – v1.33: added events when battery is empty and when battery capacity is calculated


26/03/2022 – v1.31: fixed issue #4 + added event when triggers and parameters are saved (issue #3)


11/02/2022 – v1.30: updated communication library, rewrite relay delay processes, disable CCM when a low voltage or SOC trigger is activated


27/12/2021 – v1.28: add out of range checks for current ADC measure and ignore negative SOC cycle time when millis() gets reset


15/11/2021 – v1.26: do not clear diagnostics results if an error is found / add a test for temperature sudden change


07/11/2021 – v1.25: add error codes that flash on the LED panel


05/09/2021 – v1.23b: add emergency and CCM flags to avoid relay reset by triggers, allow simulation balancing of single cell


14/08/2021 – v1.22: accept cell voltage measure only between 2 V and 5 V


06/08/2021 – v1.21: fix bug in battery efficiency calculation, use the “battery full” parameters in Charge Cycle Management when SOC max is 100% or a full charge is required


05/07/2021 – v1.18: add parameter for minimum cell voltage to enable balance (use BMSconfig v1.08 or above to edit that parameter)


v1.17: tidy up and minor bug fixes


v1.14: add features to match new monitor functionality (mainly events logging)


v1.12: improved internal resistance calculation, cell voltage must be above 3.3V to enable balance, minor bug fixes


v1.09: disable cell balancing when cell voltage is too low to ensure that cells are only top balanced (no balancing can take place if a cell voltage is under 3.10 volt)


v1.08: add possibility to activate relay output as a default as soon as the BMS is operational

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